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In 2011 149.679 inhabitants where living on Curaçao. The majority of the population is concentrated in the capital Willemstad and the urban space around the Schottegat in central-eastern part of the island. The population of Curaçao is comprised of a colorful mixture of different peoples. Most of them are descendants of former African slaves. With only 6% of white Dutch people are against a small minority of the population; Of the original inhabitants, the Arawak Indians who now live only a very few on the island. Descendants of Sephardic Jews in the 17th Century from Spain and Portugal had fled from the Inquisition, and for the oil industry on the island fetched guest workers from Asia, South America and the Caribbean complete the multicultural image.


The Dutch language is the official language, but Papiamento (a creole language with Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and English elements) is also an official language and there is in practice largely as the dominant language spoken before. The Papiamentu is highly developed: for example, there are numerous literary works. English and Spanish is common.