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Beaches and bays

Curaçao has over 35 very different beaches, but most beaches are located on the quiet and protected southwest coast.
Typical for the Caribbean are the white sand beaches, the turquoise sea and the pleasant water temperatures.

The idyllic coves are often covered with palm trees and trees that provide shade. The beaches are consistently clean and often there are toilets, showers, beach chairs and snackbars. Discovering yourself by car is definitely fun.

The beaches are public, however, some beaches have to be paid a beach fee, the beach is usually included in the price.
Below is a selection of beaches for your relaxed Caribbean vacation.

Grote Knip

The most photographed beach is the "Playa Abou" or better known as the "Grote Knip". From a higher platform you have a good view over this large sandy beach. Extremely turquoise water and fine, white sand make this beach. Trees and palm roofs provide shade. Toilets, showers and ample parking are available.   This beach is very popular with locals who like to spend the Sunday with their family.

Admission: free of charge
Opening hours: unlimited

Kleine Knip

A beautiful sandy beach right next to "Grote Knip". The back part of the beach is covered with trees. There is also a snack bar. The parking lots are right on the beach and therefore good to overlook.

Admission: free of charge
Opening hours: unlimited

Cas Abao

A long, white sand beach with palm trees, trees and palm trees decorates this beach. The extremely clear water is excellent for swimming and snorkeling. In addition, a floating plateau was anchored in the water. Snacks and drinks are available at the snack bar. Toilets, showers and sufficient parking spaces are available. It is known from the series, Bon Bini Beach.

Admission:    Monday – Saturday: Nafl. 10,00 per car
                    Sunday and Holidays: Nafl. 12,50 per car
                    Max. 4 persons. Nafl. 2,50  additional person.
Opening hours: 8:00am - 6:00pm

Playa Porto Marie

Narrow, white sand beach with umbrellas. There are showers, toilets and a bar with a large terrace. Varied snorkel and dive site. A floating plateau invites you to sunbathe. Even on the weekends the beach is quiet.

Admission: 5 NAFL
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 9.30am-6.30pm

Mambo Beach

This beach is probably the most famous beach, as it is both day and night "nice chillig". The many sun loungers, umbrellas, shops, bars and good restaurants make a trip to the beach very attractive!

Admission: Nafl. 8,00 per person
Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 08:30 - 24:00 Tuesday, Sunday 08:30 - 02:00 Friday 8:30 am - 1:00 pm Saturday 08:30 - 04:00

Kontiki Beach

This beach is an extension of the Mambo beach. It offers everything you need for a nice day at the beach: restaurant, beach bar, small shops and an excellent base for diving. The water is shallow and very quiet and by a footbridge into the water this beach is perfect for (small) children.

Admission: Nafl. 8,00 per person

Sea Aquarium Strand

Sandy beach with many palm trees, very suitable for children. Through a stone wall the water is quieter and therefore excellent for swimming. There is a snack bar, a restaurant and a cocktail bar. Parking spaces and toilets are available. There is also a cash machine. There is also a diving shop, which offers many diving courses and boat excursions organized

Admission: Nafl. 8,00 per person
Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 08:30 - 24:00 Tuesday, Sunday 08:30 - 02:00 Friday 8:30 am - 1:00 pm Saturday 08:30 - 04:00

Barbara Beach

Until recently this was the most popular beach in Banda Riba (on the west side of Willemstad) but unfortunately this beach is now a Hyatt hotel and therefore the beach is only accessible by boat. The cost for a Hyatt day ticket is $ 75 per day / per person.


A long sand beach west of Willemstad. There is also a volleyball field The beach is very popular with divers and snorkelers because Caracasbaai is known for its beautiful underwater world near the coast. Here you should wear shoes in the water, because there are many corals on the beach along the water line. On the weekends, the beach is very popular with the locals. There are some small restaurants and the water is normally quiet.

Admission: free of charge
Opening hours: unlimited

Jan Thiel Beach

After the Mambo Beach, this beach is very popular by day and night. The wide beach offers plenty of chairs, umbrellas and sun loungers. There are some shops, a diving shop, a cocktail bar and a good restaurant (Zanzibar), where there are free snacks and drinks at half price for the whole weekend. Toilets, showers and plenty of parking are available. There are several water sports facilities on offer. This beach is a nice snorkel and dive site.

Admission: 6 NAFL
Opening hours: 8 am - 5 pm (afterwards free of charge)